Travel Kit

  1. Profoto B2 1200 battery pack: A high quality battery powered flash generator.
  2. Profoto pro Flash Head: The appropriate flash head for the b2 generator mentioned above. I usually bring two on location in case.
  3. PocketWizard: Versatile tool that allows me to trigger my flashes from a distance
  4. Lowepro backpack: This will hold all your stuff and not totally destroy your lower back. ” rover or compu trekker models “
  5. C-stand with 40inch sidearm: Good all purpose stand to hold my lights
  6. Model Release: I like to keep things in order.
  7. Elinchrom 69″ Rotolux Octa: Big soft light.
  8. Dedicated Speed-lights: Camera flashes that attach to camera but I use them off camera and trigger remotely.