Studio Kit

Here are just some of the light shaping tools and hardware that I like to use when in the studio but things can always change on the fly.

  1. Model Release: I like to be organized keep things in order.
  2. Elinchrom 74″ Rotolux Octa: Big soft light
  3. Silver & White Beauty DishesA modifier that gives a distinctive soft yet punchy quality of light. I usually use these with 25 degree grids.
  4. Profoto standard HeadThe light heads you plug into the power pack.I usually travel with two just in case
  5. Profoto B2 1200 pack with built in Radio Reciever: A big boss of a DC or plug-in power pack.
  6. C stands: Strong and durable stands to hold your lights
  7. Profoto Zoom Reflector: An all around good tool for shaping harsher light. Sometimes they come bundled with the standard heads.
  8. PocketWizard for Camera: You’ll need one of these on your camera to sync with your power pack or camera flashes.
  9. Lighting gel’s: I Put these colored filter over my light’s to warm up or cool down the color temperature, creating lighting effects