Camera Kit

 Here are just some of the tools and toys that I like to use frequently to create and make images when in the field.What I look for the most in hardware is that it hold’s up well and most importantly what will give me the image quality that I am looking for.I do play in the studio and have several options of light shaping tools that I like to use. 

1.Canon 5D mark III: A workhorse. When not shooting medium format, I use this for quicker paced, demanding photography. Also shoots terrific DSLR video.

2. 24-70mm 2.8L lens: A decent all-around zoom lens with a variety of useful focal lengths

3. 16-35mm 2.8L lens: My favorite wide zoom angle lens.

4. 85mm 1.2L lens: A great specialty prime lens for portraits.

5. 135mm 2.0L lens: One of the sharpest lenses Canon makes. Great for close ups and portraiture, but won’t focus on far away objects at a distance.

6. 50mm 1.8 lens: The nifty-fifty a must have in ever camera bag.

7. 40mm 2.8 lens: My new lens cap small light and holds up well in low light.

8. Pro Memory cards: I’m not on the whole memory card bandwagon, so I usually buy which is cheapest/fastest and what works.

9. Datacolor spyder Cube: The perfect white balance tool for the working photographer in the field because color can lie.

10. Lee ND Graduated Fiters 4×4: My favorite size because I can adapt them to any lens in my bag.

11. On camera flash: Not a flash snob I look for what will support my needs and look for the a flash that will give me the biggest output for my dollar I use flashes in manual mode no TTL for me.

12. Sekonic 758 Meter: Because sometimes light can play tricks on us.